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Claim Your Birth Right Divine

Go claim your inherited glory
Your birthright Divine
For this day I did
All the crying for you!!!

I huffed and I puffed
For I had to blow away
Accumulated pain
Locked all these years
in the left lung.
Oh, Lord!
How little did I know
So much was there
Will it all ever go???

But go it must
For this jiva divine
Has paid all those dues
The account is closed.
For I am his Lawyer
I am telling you so.
Another In and another Out
And so it goes!

Inverness, I thank you
Before me, this expanse
A bay of gentle waters
To which I add my own.
This copious flow of burning tears
pouring and pouring and more
As the Mother of all Waters
took them galore.

From now on the world
And all its folks
Surround you with Light
For you are its Source
No weight to your feet
No curve to your back
Lift up your head
And those wings, spread
And off you go!

Go claim your inherited glory
Your birthright Divine
For this day, I did
All the crying for you!


On a foggy dawn at Inverness, CA, standing by Tomales Bay Sep. 9 - 2008
Written on behalf of a student, whose locked up pains I apparently absorbed